About Us

Sterling Heights Party Bus has been proudly serving the areas of Sterling Heights, Metro Detroit, and beyond since the year 2008. Our business was established on the principles of service, comfort, and entertainment, and everything that we do for our customers is with those three facets in mind. Whether we're inspecting and upgrading a bus, installing new furniture, hiring new chauffeurs, or adding new cities to our service area, we do all of it with your pleasure and comfort in mind. Pleasure cannot be overrated, even on business trips! If you're not enjoying yourself on the road, then we are not doing our job. Fun should be the only thing on your mind on a party bus!

Having said that, while you're concerning yourself only with fun and pleasure, the Sterling Heights Party Bus crew concerns ourselves with your safety. We've got the biggest insurance policy allowed by Michigan law just to make sure that you are fully covered when you're on the road with us, and we have all of the insurance documentation available for you to look at right now if you'd like. We'll fax or email it to you anytime. You'll notice that we keep all of our Department of Transportation stickers, tags, and paperwork current, as well as making sure that we have all the proper licenses, certifications, and permits. You can rely on us completely whenever you're on the road with us!

Beyond all that, one of the things that our customers have remarked that they really appreciate is the fact that we only hire chauffeurs. Other party bus and limo companies in the area hire licensed drivers. We go for professional chauffeurs only. These are the kind of pros who really know their way around the Sterling Heights streets, but just in case, we give them the best GPS systems available to find those faster and safer routes! These professionals have received the highest amounts of training and have their CDL licenses with passenger endorsements to meet all requirements of our state. They also pass drug tests, background checks, and driving tests.

All of these factors come together to make Sterling Heights Party Bus the highest quality party bus company in the state, or so we've been told by the multitudes of customers that return to us time and time again for all their major events! We look forward to including you on our roster of customers, and to showing you an incredible time on the road thanks to our smooth and reliable transportation. If you've got any questions or if you'd like to lock down your bus on the dates that your event will be held, you can give us a call at 586-276-7475 or shoot us an email any time at info@sterlingheightspartybus.com -- we can't wait to take you all around Sterling Heights in style!