Not only do we have the most luxurious vehicle and great service, but we have some of the most affordable prices in the area! Sterling Heights Party Bus pricing varies by the day, which makes it even easier for you to save money when booking a trip with us, because whenever possible you can choose to book on the lower-priced days. Of course if you aren't concerned with the fluctuating prices, we are available whenever you need us, and our prices are always affordable according to our many loyal customers!

We don't post rates online because of the fluctuating pricing scheme, but you can rest assured our rates are affordable and we'll give you an exact quote over the phone or email! Please call to confirm pricing and get additional information about availability as well as special deals, including our special wedding packages to save the new couple lots of dough!

You'll want to note that some trips may be subject to an affordable fuel surcharge if they are outside of our service area, but we will discuss all of this when you call so that you aren't shocked to find any fees on your bill after the fact! Don't worry, you'll know exactly what amount will be due when you get your quote and if you have any questions just ask! We're known state-wide for our "no hidden fees" policy, and you certainly can't say that about other party bus companies in the area! That's the only fee you'll have to concern yourself with, and since our service area is so extensive, it's doubtful that you'll have any destinations that go beyond those borders. Very few of our customers ever do, and those that do say that the small fee is very much worth it, and very affordable too!

You can easily get a quote by giving us a call any time. Our agents will just need the following information in order to give you an accurate price:
Date you'd like service
The time and location of pick-up
The time and location of drop-off
The number of passengers
The type of event