Detroit Red Wings Games

Living so close to Detroit, as well as Canada gives us many great opportunities to appreciate the great sport that is Hockey. Sure, you can appreciate all sorts of other sports as well such as Baseball, Basketball, Football, and so on, but living so close to Hockeytown, USA, we all know that the real draw as far as Detroit Sports go is Hockey with the Detroit Red Wings. And what better way to appreciate the Detroit Red Wings than by seeing them live? Sure, you could watch them at home on your big flat screen television, or head down to the local sports bar to watch it with a bunch of other enthused fans, or even head to Hockeytown Cafe on Woodward in Downtown Detroit, but there really is no better way to support your favorite team than by cheering them on in the flesh. Any athlete will tell you that having live, physical support from their fans it he best way to motivate them to play well. That is without a doubt. And what's better than feeling the synergy of all of the people who love the same team as you, all cheering them on? It's kind of hard to think of anything that even compares.

However, we all know that one of the absolutely most headache inducing aspects of attending a live sporting event is figuring out how to get there. Trying to navigate traffic during rush hour and heading into a large sport event can be a major pain, as well as navigating through traffic when leaving a large sporting event. On top of that, you have to worry about figuring out parking and the ridiculous rates that parking garages and lots charge these days. Everyone is jamming into these lots and vying for the best spots, and it further adds to the nightmare that is figuring out transportation of an event like this. On top of all of this, you have to organize all of your friends and family members who are accompanying you into multiple cars, which can be a pain in organizing a meet up spot and all of those different designated drivers. After considering all of this, it can be pretty close to impossible working a restaurant or a bar into the equation. Before the game you'll be too concerned with getting to the game on time, and after the game you will be so fed up with traffic that you will just want to go home and go right to bed. There's way too much of a stress factor when figuring out the transportation to the event that you are going to.

However, if you rent a party bus from Sterling Heights Party Bus with a group of your friends, you can be sure that the stress factor of the whole affair will be seriously decreased. All of the above mentioned issues will be completely erased. You can meet up an at an agreed upon house, bar, or restaurant, and do some bar hopping before the game so you can get yourself in the cheering mood. The party bus will allow you to not have to worry about all of the traffic, and avoid all of the parking annoyances. You can even drink on board the buses so you can keep the party going. Once the game is over, you can head out to a bar to celebrate your win (or mourn your loss) and still have a ride home from an experienced driver at the end of the day.

Seeing a Detroit Red Wings' game live is the best way to experience the team, there is no denying that. But dealing with Transportation can almost ruin the entire event. Don't let this happen to you. By renting a party bus from Sterling Heights Party Bus, you don't have to worry about dealing with rush hour traffic, parking, and assigning the dreaded designated driver. Everyone gets where they need to go safely while having a really great and fun time!